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The objectives for which Institute is established are:

  • To determine and develop the art and science of Professionalism in all aspect, branches, elements or components of Supply Chain Management such as Purchasing , Materials & Inventory Control, Logistics, Transport Management, Project Management, Stores and Materials Management as a profession, in industry, academic discipline, practice and distinct field of study and knowledge.

  • To provide academics, professional education training and examinations in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management with a view to improve the quality and standard of Supply Chain Professionals, focus and performance in Nigeria and beyond.

  • To determine the standards of knowledge and skills attained by persons seeking to become members of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management or Professional Procurers or Supply Chain Managers and also improves those standard from time to time.

  • To provide facilities for interested persons and members of The Institute to meet and discuss pertinent issues on Supply Chain Management.

  • To maintain discipline within the profession.

  • To establish and maintain the Register of Fellows, Affiliates and Students of the Institute and secure a register of members of the Institute and publish the register from time to the contents of the register as circumstances may require.

  • To bring together persons, and organizations interested in the art and science of Supply Chain Management by such means as workshops, Training, conferences, dialogues, meetings, reading of papers and the promotion of research.

  • To provide organization for men and women in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management profession, who desire to qualify as members of the Institute and secure a professional status, and in particular to promote the interest of those group engaged in the services of government, corporation, statutory undertakings, nationalized industries, public and charitable bodies, industry and commerce etc, generally in Nigeria and other part of the world.

About The Institute

The Institute was founded by a number of people from the profession, who recognised the need to develop standards in Supply Chain Management practices as well as increase the number of trained and qualified personnel who were required in a rapidly developing country. They formulated structured training programmes and assisted the institutions of learning in designing courses for their professional scheme curriculum.

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