West Coast University


Degree Granting License, Charter & International Accreditation: West Coast University (WCU) Panama has been granted a Parliamentary Decree that bears full validity and recognition with all member governments and nations under international law statutes recognized by the Vienna Convention of April 18th, 1961, (1963). WCU has been granted Parliamentary Charter conveying full authority to WCU to grant Certificates, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master and Doctorate degrees as an Autonomous Institution, Internationally Accredited with the International Parliament for Safety and Peace. he International Parliament for Safety and Peace was founded in 1975. The work of the delegates and ministers of ISPSP toward peace and the enforcement of the respect of life and human rights includes rendering help and support to all people of the world, observing the right of safety and peace in all aspects; moral, political, diplomatic, cultural, religious, economic and social. After looking for concurrence from all nations in the world, through their representative governments, the Parliament counts with 400 senators, 800 deputies, ambassadors and ministers, who contribute voluntarily to the cause of peace. The Department of Foreign Affairs is based in Palermo, Italy. WCU Accredited Letter


GUNI Membership: West Coast University (WCU) is now a Full Member of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI), which is composed of Higher Education UNESCO Chairs and other institutions that are highly committed to innovation in higher education. It was set up by UNESCO, the United Nations University (UNU) and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), which hosts the secretariat. GUNI works for the application of the decisions taken at the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE, Paris 1998). Its mission is to contribute to the reinforcement of higher education worldwide, by putting into practice the decisions adopted at the WCHE, specifically improving quality in teaching, promoting innovation in higher education and strengthening the social commitment of universities. http://www.guni-ap.org/ WCU announcement can be viewed in the current GUNI Newsletter, http://www.guni-rmies.net/news/detail.php?id=1193

University Consortium Membership: West Coast University is a member with Consultant Status of the Universidad Consortium, which represents bona fide, recognized and accredited higher education entities, licensed by the Ministries of Education-Government of their respective countries, through the office of the Adult Council on Higher Education Private Universities and through the Office of the National Council of Universities, these universities are listed in the UNESCO World Handbook of Universities. Consortium has legal domicile in the City of San Jose, Costa Rica and Mexico City, Mexico.

Validation of the Degree Programs of the West Coast University
: Universidad San Juan de la Cruz formally known as University San Juan de la Cruz is a Recognized and Accredited University by the Ministry of Education, Government of the Republic of Costa Rica, Central America through The National Council on Higher Education Private Universities (CONESUP).San Juan de la Cruz University is listed in UNESCO under International Association of Universities under Costa Rica and also enlisted in International Handbook of Universities an Official/Directory of International Accredited Universities Published by United Nations. San Juan de la Cruz University has duly evaluated and recognized West Coast University (WCU) Panama as an educational institution of equivalent quality & integrity and consequently has signed credit transfer agreement with WCU as such credits earned at West Coast university shall be 100% eligible for transfer to San Juan de la Cruz University for the grant of respective diploma/degree by the San Juan de la Cruz University to the graduates of West Coast University (WCU) Panama as per mutually agreed terms and conditions of the agreement signed by both Institutions.

Validation of the Degree Programs of the West Coast University:
ICS has been approved by Kursk State Technical University through the Director of Marketing for Asian Region to provide online e-learning programs to all qualified and motivated adult learners to attain prestigious Russian academic degrees. Kursk State Technical University is a government owned university of the Russian Federation. The University is funded by the State and governed in accordance with the State Educational Standard of Russian Federation. ICS has confirmed that credits earned from WCU will be validated by ICS for possible full transfer of credits toward the degrees of the Kursk State Technical University subject to the final completion of a project paper demonstrating high level of academic knowledge.

Bilateral Cooperation with the University Mediterranean-Montenegro
: West Coast University (WCU) has signed bilateral agreement with the University Mediterranean. The University Mediterranean enjoys bilateral contacts with other universities based on mutually coordinated and signed bilateral agreements which support the following general forms of co-operation: teacher and student exchange, common research projects, joint postgraduate courses, common organization and participation in the seminars and other scientific and professional gatherings, running training programs, exchange of scientific and professional publications, other forms of university co-operation of mutual interest.

Bilateral Cooperation with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences- Austria: West Coast University (WCU) has singed bilateral agreement with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences to accept the credits of each others in degree programs in the disciplines of Applied Sciences, Engineering & Technology and Architecture and agreement of students study exchange programs. Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is one of the best universities of Engineering and Applied Sciences in the world.

Internationally Recognised by International Accreditation & Recognition Council (IARC)-Australia

Approved by & affiliated to the Institute of Global Education, which has a Special Consultative Status with ESOSOC, United Nations

Professional Memberships:

Association of International Educators (NAFSA)

European Association for International Education (EAIE)

American Association for Higher Education (AAHE)

Global System of Education (GES)

International Academy of Science (IAS)

Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications, founded by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
Virginia Society r Technology in Education

Membership of Professional Bodies for Graduates

The students and graduates of WCU international courses may apply for appropriate membership with the following professional associations but the recognition is at the discretion of these and other associations

+      Institute of Professional Managers Australia
+      Australian Institute of Export
+      Australian Institute of Marketing
+      Australian Institute of Management
+      Australian National Institute of Accountants
+      Society of Business Practitioners, UK
+      Institute of Management Specialists, UK
+      International Association of Trade Organizations
+      Hong Kong Logistics & Transport Association
+      Chartered Management Association
+      Association of Certified Investment Analysts
+      Association of Certified Management Consultants
+      Association of Registered Financial Controllers
+      Association of Registered Financial Planners
+      Association of Registered Management Consultants
+      Association of Registered Public Secretaries and Administrators
+      Association of Certified Financial Controllers
+      Association of Certified Financial Planners
+      Association of Certified Purchasing and Supply Managers
+      Association of Certified Computing Professionals
+      Association of Certified Public Secretaries and Administrators
+      Asia Pacific CEO Association
+      Asia Pacific VIP Association
+      Asia Pacific BBA Graduates Association
+      Asia Pacific DBA Graduates Association