Student Membership


A receipt is issued and captured against an invoice (the web invoice would have been a pro forma one). The invoice is stamped with a paid stamp. A standard letter is prepared and a login name and password given in the letter.

Next, a membership card is prepared. The membership card may take a few days as it is done in batches for cost effectiveness.


  • The minimum qualifications for the scheme are five O’ Level credit including English and Mathematics.

  • But a matured person who dose not have up to five credits may be admitted with a letter of recommendation from his employers or Head of department. Provided he or she will be able to complete the result with the period of schooling of training.

  • Any foundation professional bodies’ certificate approved by the Governing Council for time to time.

ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS: for holders of HND, Bachelors Degrees, Masters Degrees or any other professional bodies certificate approved by the Governing Council for time to time.

Registration Fees:

Fees NGN
CISM Application & Registration Fee
CISM Student Annual Subscription
CISM ID card Fee
Examination entry forms fee

CISM Professional Examination Fee –per subject:

Fees NGN
Foundation level2,000
Intermediate level2,500
Professional Examination I3,000
Professional Examination II3,500

CISM Exemption Fee - per subject (same as Exams Fee per levels

  • The student to purchase the Student Application Form and syllabus with N5,000
  • The student will submit the Application Form with 2 passport photo graph.
  • N500 for Student ID card and N2,000  for Annual Subscription fee. 
  • A letter/Certificate of student registration will be send to the student from the National Secretariat. (The letter will indicate the student registration number.)
  • The student will be advice to study and cover the whole syllabus. (Subject to the parts he/she will sit for in the next Examination).
  • During February/March and August/September student will be required to pay for Examination entry Form, Examination Fee.
  • April and October every year all students are required to prepare and write the institute examination.
  • A month after the examination, the results will be released and sent to students

NOTE: Exemption will be granted for holders of OND, Diploma,, MBA, M.Sc, or other professional bodies certificates as the case may be.

All Payment Should be made in cash at the Institute cash office or Bank Draft in favour of the institute.
Students pursue their studies by attendance at designated Colleges which run the course on behalf of the Institute. Intending students must complete an entry application form and be accepted by the Institute. Contact CISCM for details.

Text Books:
Details of recommended reading are provided in the syllabus for each subject. Arrangements can be made through CISCM to obtain the Introductory to Logistics, Purchasing & Supply Chain Management recommended textbook. There is no requirement for students to purchase all the books listed; students should seek the advice from their lecturers