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Certificate Verification

Students pursue their studies by attendance at designated Colleges which run the course on behalf of the Institute.Intending students must complete an entry application form and be accepted by the College.

Fees For International Students



Application & Registration Fees


Student Annual Subscription


Examination Entry form


Associate Annual Subscription


ID Card


Examination per subject


Exemption - per subject


Method of Registration Examination
Candidates will be required to down load examination form and register for the next examination through the CISCM website.

Assessment is by way of written examination of two hours duration which requires students to answer five questions out of eight set. Examinations are held April and October in the College providing the course. Examination entry forms with appropriate fees must be sent to CISCM two months before the examination date.

Attendance Record:
Students are expected to have a minimum attendance of 80%. Actual attendance may be taken into consideration when reviewing marks achieved in examinations. This is not required for blended learning students who are recommended to attend the induction & revision sessions.

CIWM may grant exemptions from certain examination subjects in respect of which the student already holds an acceptable qualification. Applications for exemption, supported by copies of the certificates, confirmation of the subjects passed together with the relevant syllabus and appropriate fees must be sent to CISCM within four weeks of enrollment for the course. Only the Governing Council of CISCM may grant exemptions.

Text Books:
Details of recommended reading are provided in the syllabus for each subject. Arrangements can be made through CISCM to obtain the Supply Chain Management recommended textbook. There is no requirement for students to purchase all the books listed; students should seek the advice from their lecturers.

Notified by CISCM to students within 3O days of completion of examination.

Membership Certificates:
The certificate is awarded to students who successfully pass all the stages of the institute examinations. An exemption is deemed to be a pass.

About The Institute

The Institute was founded by a number of people from the profession, who recognised the need to develop standards in Supply Chain Management practices as well as increase the number of trained and qualified personnel who were required in a rapidly developing country. They formulated structured training programmes and assisted the institutions of learning in designing courses for their professional scheme curriculum.

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