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Certificate Verification

The Chartered Institute Supply Chain Management has also signed an agreement with her partner The Certified Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management, Nigeria that has developed a unique relationship with the Newton Hills University of Science and Technology, Commonwealth of Dominica. This valuable initiative enables students obtains B.Sc degrees in the following courses:

  • BBA/B.Sc in Stores and Materials Management
  • BBA/B.Sc in Purchasing and Supply Management
  • BBA/B.Sc in Business Administration and Management
  • BBA/B.Sc in Logistic and Supply Management

While taking their CISCM and CIWM Examinations and to obtain MBA degree in the following areas.

  • M.Sc/MBA in Materials Management
  • M.Sc/MBA in Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  • M.Sc/MBA in Purchasing and Supply Management
  • M.Sc/MBA in Business Administration


NHUST will award Bachelor’s degrees in any of the above courses to every student who enrolls in our programme, be simultaneously enrolled for Bachelors Degree with NHUST dual degree under Credit Transfer System and be allotted a NHUST ID, upon completion of our Foundation, Intermediate and Professional Examination Stage I.

Newton Hills University of Science and Technology, Commonwealth of Dominica will re-enroll you after the award of a bachelors Degree for its dual MBA programme under Credit Transfer System and will allotted another ID to you. Upon successful completion of our Professional Stage II (Final level) and submission to the University of a Research Project/Thesis in relevant areas, NHUST will issue MBA degree to the candidates at this level, under a dual degree.

This B.Sc and MBA are unique qualifications offered to CISCM and CIWM Students/Members, and develops through a strategic alliance between Newton Hills University of Science and Technology, Commonwealth of Dominica who has signed a full credit transfer with some Universities in Costa Rica which will enable our B.Sc/BBA, Master’s and Doctoral degrees to be validated by these Universities in Costa Rica. This will make the NHUST to issue dual degrees to our graduates.

These Universities are privately owned universities located in Costa Rica. It is an accredited and authorized institution of higher learning in Costa Rica. It is regionally accredited from State (Ministry of Public Education) and by approval of its charter from CONESUP (Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada) (National Council of University Private Higher Education- The apex national educational body for accreditation, control and regulation of the operation of private universities in Costa Rica)

These universities is consecutively listed in the UNESCO International Association of Universities Directory of Higher Education and the International Handbook of Universities as Universities in Costa Rica.

They offer degree programs in a variety of fields through instruction at its campus in Costa Rica and through distance education. The university is recognized by the Ministry of Education and accredited by Consejo Nacional Educación Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP).

All Private Universities in Costa Rica are autonomous, once that the National Council of University Private Higher Education also known as CONESUP approves their operations, all institutions regulate themselves.

An MBA is internationally acknowledged to be a premier business qualification, and NHUST and some Universities in Costa Rica has responded to these needs by creating an MBA, tailor-made for qualified Supply Chain Management Professionals, supported online, and providing an opportunity to share and develop ideas with experienced professional from around the world.

About The Institute

The Institute was founded by a number of people from the profession, who recognised the need to develop standards in Supply Chain Management practices as well as increase the number of trained and qualified personnel who were required in a rapidly developing country. They formulated structured training programmes and assisted the institutions of learning in designing courses for their professional scheme curriculum.

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